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Science News: 3 Amazing Things You Missed This Week

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AMAZING science news this week: NASA astronauts at the International Space Station - for the first time ever in the history of mankind - grown and eaten their own food!
Astronauts have had a veggie garden in space since 2011, but this crop of "Outredgeous" red romaine lettuce is the first space-grown plants to ever be actually consumed by people.

Fresh food grown in microgravity is potentially a shift for human kind - up until now, the amount of food we can grow has been limited by the amount of space and resources on Earth. It's also highly effected by weather and natural weather events, such as storms and frost. The space lettuce was grown 'aeroponically' - without soil, which means they need far less water and fertilizer, don't need pesticide, are much less likely to catch diseases - plus they grow up to three times faster than plants grown on earth!

NASA plans to send humans to Mars sometime in the next 20 years, and space-grown food could be a sustainable food supply for the trip - as well as future 'deep space' missions where people will need to be away from earth for extended periods of time.

Amazing science news!

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