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918 - Les Feldick Bible Study - Lesson 2 Part 2 Book 77 - Connecting The Dots Of Scripture - Part 42

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Through the Bible with Les Feldick
Genesis – Revelation (The Kingdom)
Okay, good to have you all back after our break. We’ll go into program number two for the afternoon. Let’s see, we’re in book 77, and we’re in the middle four programs today. Hopefully by the end of book 77, we’ll have all the dots connected in Scripture. Huh, Jerry? Hopefully. But we’ll just take it as it comes.
So anyway, we always want to – what shall I say – thank our TV audience for your prayers, your financial support, and everything. And as I’ve said before, I’ll say it again, mail time is something else. One of my girls from the office is here. It’s not just the mail, but the phone calls, as well, isn’t it, Delena? My, how we appreciate all those fine phone calls. You know, I don’t need any financial pay. That’s enough in itself, just to hear how folks are being exercised by the Word. Not Les Feldick. It’s the Book that’s getting them exercised and excited.
Iris wants me to let the audience know once more that we’ve still got our one and only book. It has eighty-eight questions and answers. We like to let folks know. It’s a well-received book. It’s got a lot of information in it and makes wonderful gifts. It’s nominally priced, so call if you’re interested.
So anyway, we’ll continue right on now in this program where we left off in the last one. We’ll do that all afternoon. We’ll just go until our time runs out. Then we’ll take our break and come back on the next one. We’re going to jump right back in on the Kingdom concept in Isaiah chapter 9 and a couple of familiar verses, verses 6 and 7. We are going to continue getting ready for the New Testament introduction of the thousand year reign of Christ.
It’s been promised ever since Israel became a Nation. That’s what I’m trying to show, that this isn’t just a New Testament concept. This is something that the Nation of Israel has been promised almost from the time of Abraham. Definitely since the time of Moses, and that’s why we started today in Exodus chapter 19. But now we’re up to the Prophets, 700 B.C., up to Isaiah chapter 9 and verse 6:
Isaiah 9:6a
“For unto us (the Nation of Israel) a child is born, unto us a son is given:…” I always connect that with John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten So.,” I connect that this is what they got when He gave.
Isaiah 9:6b
“…and the government shall be upon his shoulder:…” Looking ahead now to the time of this royal family coming to a head in the person of the Messiah, the Christ, sitting on David’s throne ruling from Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. Never lose sight of that. It’s going to be an earthly Kingdom on which God the Son Himself will rule and reign. Now this is all prophecy, yet—700 years before Christ.
Isaiah 9:6c-7a
“…and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. (All those are titles that God the Son will wear, you might say, when He becomes King of this glorious Kingdom.) 7. Of the increase of his government…”
Now, what does government speak of? People. Government is what controls the masses. Without it you’ve got anarchy. So here, even in the Kingdom economy, we’re going to have a government. It’s going to be a benevolent government. It’s not going to be one of high taxation. It’s not going to be one of penal punishment and all those other things. It’s going to be Heaven on Earth. But nevertheless, it’ll be a government under the rulership of the King. Later on today, or whenever we get over into the New Testament, we’ll see how the Twelve Apostles of Israel will each rule one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. They’ll sit on thrones underneath the throne of Jesus Himself. All right, here we have it then.
Isaiah 9:7a
“Of the increase of His government and peace (There’ll be no war during this Kingdom.) there shall be no end, (Because like I said in the last half hour, it’ll slip right on into the eternal environment. He’s going to sit there--) upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom,…” See that? I made reference to it in the first half hour, that it’s the throne of David on which Christ will sit on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. All right, so He will sit:
Isaiah 9:7b
“…upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment (that is rule) and with justice (There’ll be no bribery. There’ll be no corruption, and it’ll be--) from henceforth even for ever. (Because--) The zeal (or the authority, the sovereignty) of the LORD of Hosts will perform this.”
Well, now that’s about as plain as language can get, isn’t it? Now turn the page.


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