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917 - Les Feldick Bible Study - Lesson 2 Part 1 Book 77 - Connecting The Dots Of Scripture - Part 41

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Through the Bible with Les Feldick
Genesis – Revelation (The Kingdom)
Okay, it’s good to see everybody in again today. My goodness, we’ve got a full room. We’ve got folks from various places around the country. Again, we always appreciate the fact that you come in and are a part of this, not only by your presence, but by your prayers and your financial help. I think most of you in the room realize that your faces are familiar now from coast to coast. They just feel like you’re family.
For those of you out in television, if you’re catching us for the first time, we’re just an informal Bible study. We don’t try to get too theological. I want to keep it down at a level where kids can understand. You know, we had a letter the other day from some folks and their seven year old kid. I don’t remember whether it was a boy or a girl. The minute they hear our music, they come running. Got a couple here today with a little seven month old infant. They swear up and down that the little fellow already recognizes our music! So anyway, we just have to praise the Lord for the folks that we’re reaching with the Word. Like I said, I try to keep it simple and yet not just scratch the surface.
We want to get down into the deeper things. That’s why I’m so convinced that a lot of these things people have never heard before, because that’s the kind of comments we get. This is all new to them. I made reference to it once before. I had a fellow who called who had two Ph.D.’s in Theology. He said, “Les, how in the world after forty years in the pulpit and two degrees in Theology and I missed all of it!” He said he had never seen any of this before. Well, that’s why we’re going to keep teaching it the way we are.
All right, now ever since the beginning of Book 74, we’ve been connecting the dots of Scripture. Today we’re in the middle part of Book 77. We may wind this series of lessons up. We’ve been connecting the dots now for quite a long while. We started way back in Genesis connecting the dots and are now into the 1,000 year Kingdom portions of Scripture.
This study has not been detailed like we did in our Through the Bible Series. We are only hitting the highlights and just sort of covering the timeline from Genesis. We’re just about to the end. In our last taping, we were at the final days of the Tribulation and the horrors of it. So today I’m going to introduce that 1,000 year period of time that most of you have heard as the millennium. It’s the 1,000 year earthly Kingdom, which most of Christendom knows very little, if anything, about. They just don’t know what we’re talking about when we speak of the Kingdom.
Now you remember years and years ago, way back in one of the early programs. I made the statement “the Kingdom is the Kingdom”…you remember, don’t you, Jerry? People didn’t know what I was taking about. What are you talking about—the Kingdom is the Kingdom is the Kingdom? Well, you see the word in Scripture all the time. You see the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. But, they just don’t know the difference. About two years ago we did a series, you remember. Sharon drew the circles on the board. We had the big circle of the Kingdom of God. Inside the Kingdom of God she drew two small circles for me. One was the Body of Christ. The other was the Kingdom of Heaven.
All right, now whenever I speak of the Kingdom is the Kingdom is the Kingdom, I’m speaking about the Kingdom of Heaven—which is that earthly 1,000 year reign of Christ that’s going to be on the planet. It’s going to follow the horrors of the Tribulation. That’s where we left off in our last half hour—the final days and the death and destruction that will hit the planet. We feel soon. So today’s taping I want to take us back and reconstruct, again, the promises as well as the bringing in of that final 1,000 year Kingdom—Heaven on earth.
Heaven on earth—like I mentioned in a couple of my seminars lately, and I think I did at the Tulsa Bible Conference. If it’s going to be Heaven on earth, will there be any room for gambling casinos? Why, the Mississippi Gulf Coast will just have to be cleansed clean, because that’s all that’s down there anymore. All across the country the casinos are popping up everywhere. They won’t fit in a heavenly environment. So, what’s going to happen? Poof! They’re going to go—and not only the casinos, but everything else that smacks of the ungodly world.
But since we’re going to go back and reconstruct the promises of the Kingdom as Paul refers to it, I’m going to take you back to Exodus chapter 19 and verse 3. For a lot of you this is probably the 15th or 20th time you’ve heard me teach these verses.


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